Quick Start

Fifteen days and counting. Terrified, nervous and excited. The anticipation is a distraction right now. To everything! In preparation for new job I have spent a stupid amount of money on clothes, shoes and accessories this month and I cannot seem to stop. On the plus side I have amazingly cute shoes. I do need a coat though. Oh the dilemma. I don’t even know what style to go for. My gut says get a fit and flare. Who knows, I’ll know it when I see it though.

On the vehicle front, I am besotted with my Mini. Bought from my mum and now named Ana, or on a Sunday, Anastasia Elizabeth. I now feel as though I can go faster than 50 MPH without falling apart. No longer a nervous driver in a ford KA (Kitty), I have full confidence that I’ll be able to zip in and out of trouble and tight spots. Number of reckless road rage moments have been countable on one hand so far in the two week period I have owed Ana. In times gone by, small person syndrome plagued me as soon as I slammed the tin can door and I became a redheaded version of the hulk… on steroids. I would have hated to have me driving behind me. I can, hand on heart, say I have not tried to plow anybody down yet and I hope to keep my record of attempted plowing clean with Ana.

It is almost as good as chocolate to be back online. I feel better already. Here’s hoping the blog is enjoyed as much as I enjoy rambling.

L xox

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