Red Nose Day Cakes

My cupcakes go down a storm normally, so tomorrow being red nose day,  I ‘ve whipped a batch up.


I’ve chosen to experiment on my unsuspecting work mates with a coffee and chocolate laced cake. Topped off with a red swirled vanilla frosting and malteasers sitting pretty, crowing the whole thing. Okay so the brief was ‘funny faces’ but I’m guessing any donation is a good one. At least I’m hoping so. I was only convinced today to do the baking, making it kind of a last min job. Enjoyed it all the same and now the kitchen is on the brink of looking like it’s been dusted for a crime scene.

Only one thing broke this evening in true Lotty fashion. And yes it was part of a pair of wine glasses of which can’t be replaced. Always the way in this house. Best not getting attached to the glassware, myself or an animal always manages to destroy something. Any who will post up the recipe tomorrow for the cupcakes. 

It’s Friday eve and I have some sleeping to do.

L xox 

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