Local Hot Spot

Saturday this week was date night. We chose The Chapel House in Low Moor. It’s  like a five second drive from us and we have eaten there once before. The last time we went we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Three courses later, half a stone heavier, I’m sat here with hiccups that I can not get rid of typing up some kind of review. So I apologies now for my (probably) incoherent ramblings. THANK GOODNESS FOR SPELL CHECK!

Obviously arrived 20 mins early as I hate to be late for anything. It was jam packed. A major little hot spot! Drinkers and dinners merging together for a busy Saturday evening. Forgetting it was mothers day we booked very late, but they did manage to squeeze us in. Table for two, at eight o’clock. I have to say after calling another local place earlier today I didn’t hold out much hope, so I was pleasantly surprised to be accepted at our short notice. We stood at the bar and ordered drinks to our tab, and they severed prosecco by the glass (which made a happy Lotty). Drinks are reasonably priced and I would feel entirely comfortable sitting in this place and just having a drink as the pub and restaurant are very well divided.

The food, oh my, the food. Not disappointed in anything, either of us ordered. Well presented and good value for the type of place we were at. And now I can not moved. Pud totally finished me off. So cheers to Saturday,and here is our meal in pictures!!


 Ready to go!


Cheers to date night 🙂


 Starters Ham Hock and Black Pudding Hash (furthest from us) Smoked Haddock Florentine.


 Rob’s Mixed Grill.


 My Slow Cooked Lamb Shank.


 Warm Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream

Rob enjoying pud!!

For three courses and three drinks, we paid around £65.00 (not including tip), so for an alcohol fuelled meal, I would say it was a pretty decent price. The staff and service were also good, friendly and very helpful. Overall 8 out of 10 on the star rating! Well worth a visit if you are our neck of the woods. Hope your Saturday evening has been brilliant too!

I am determined to run this off tomorrow. 10 mile ought to do it!! Hope you’re ready pooch!

Farewell from a very stuffed, and a little less hiccupy Lotty 🙂

L xox

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