Not So Blue Monday

Seem to have an unlimited amount of energy today. As Aro proved when he flopped on the kitchen floor with his tongue lolling out after playtime. Happy, naughty soul my Demon Dog.


After running around after the dog for an obscene amount of time he seem to be happy and tired I am the same as when I started. Maybe a combination of cleaning products and gin (yes, gin on a work night). Gin isn’t a usual part of my Monday. But I have to admit I craved the loose and easy feeling it gives me when I’m swaying to Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra. Almost positive I don’t look as cool as I think I do, but that’s between me and the cats and they aren’t in the habit of spilling my secrets.

Talking cats, now this brings me to Alice. Alice’s adventures in wonderland, naturally. Currently watching the ballet version, and I am utterly mesmerised. The shapes the dancers create are incredible. My favourite book of all time in a ballet. There is something perfect about the marriage of a beautifully produced tale and en pointe ballet dancers pirouetting across a stage. It’s a feel good kinda awesome thing. Escapology at its best.

L xox

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