Marmalade Tea Cake – Recipe

I’m currently trying to work my way through the cupboards at the moment before the ‘big shop’. This leaves me with somewhat random combinations for dinner, but some good cake combos.

So today’s cake was a Marmalade Tea cake. Admittedly this was supposed to be a Tea Loaf, but I made far too much mixture and divided it between a normal cake tin and a loaf tin. I ended up leaving the loaf version in the oven a little too long. It is okay, maybe to use as a door stop or even as a weapon of deadly destruction against armed burglars perhaps. I digress.


300g Dried Fruit (of your choice). I used a mix of raisins and apricots.
300ml of Hot Tea
60ml Brandy (Opptional)
60g Roughly Chopped Nuts (of your choice). I used Macadamia nuts and pecans.
50g Butter
100g Caster Sugar
1 Egg
225g Self Raising Flour
I Large Table Spoon of Marmalade


Stick the kettle on and make up your favourite variety of black tea. I’m so very much an English Breakfast Tea woman at the moment, but anything you use will work. While the tea is brewing, chop your dried fruit if needs be. I find this a deliciously simple task, one that you can take pleasure in as the sticky dried fruit clings to the knife. Place all your fruit in a container. I have a boat load of Kilner jars knocking around and found one of these perfect for the job.


Remove the stewed tea bags from the tea and pour over the fruit, slosh in the brandy at this point too. Give it a good stir so the brandy is well incorporated. The great thing about Kilner jars are the seals and lids are pretty dandy, so I could shake this instead of stirring. Nothing better than a good shake.  Leave this for as long as you can. I’m impatient so I lasted out two hours. Overnight would be best as the fruit would soak up more of the liquid.

Tea soaked fruit

Prepare the nuts. Sometimes the tricky little blighters can cause chaos, but I like a handful of chaos in my kitchen. So, if you are having any problems chopping these, stick them in a little plastic sandwich bag and smash the chaos right out of them with a rolling pin or something else heavy, like a tin of something from the cupboard.


Cake mix as normal, the whole ‘cream butter and sugar’ thing. Insert the egg in to mixture and beat the hell out of it accordingly. Fold in the flour. The mix at this stage will be overly thick, it should look like an alcoholic well over due their next drink. To rectify this problem serve it the fruit, tea and brandy mix. Don’t forget to throw in the chaotic nuts.


Cake mix done, stick it in a cake tin. I divided this between an 8 inch sandwich pan and a 500g loaf tin. Make sure each cake tin is greased. Pop it in the oven at about 180. It will need around 45 mins or until a skewer can be prodded in the middle and come out clean.

Marmalade Tea Cake

As soon as you bring this out of the oven grab your marmalade and smother the top of the cake with it. This will act as a sticky glaze, with most of it sinking straight into the cake. Wait till the cake cools, cut and enjoy with a cuppa.


Enjoy lovers,

L xox

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