An Almost Week as an Untitled Something


It has been my first week at a brand new job. Absolutely love it! The people are great and he work seems like it’s going to be very varied, which is awesome for me. Not a chance to be mischievous or suffer with boredomitus. We are still working on a job title, but I am most definitely going to enjoy this. Maybe not so much the travel. It’s 45 mins on a good day. Meaning when the kiddies are back to school it could be mind meltingly bad in a morning to get to Leeds . But we will see.

Demon dog has been for the snip. On the drive to get him, I had an image of him with his tail between his legs. When I arrived to picked him up however, I learnt that he had howled the place down all day. He bounded out to me, pleased as punched to be reunited. Jumping up to give me a kiss and a love as soon as he saw me. Arh, the effects I have on animals. “Try to keep him on all four paws” the overly patient vet advised me. She knew herself it was going to be an impossible task.

As far as his boundless energy is concerned, there’s no change as of yet. He proved this tonight. After his walk with Rob, he chased a pop bottle round the garden and flicked up nearly the entire content of our very newly laid bark arrangement. In all fairness, he’s been brilliant. Not interested in his stitches at all and we’ve not caught him licking the neat little line they’ve left him. Demon dog shows a little of his goodboy side. Not a lot, but just a little. I sing his praises but the rest of the night he preceded to empty the bin and chase the cats. So he shall remain demon dog, for now.

On the up once again, we have a new washer/dryer and dishwasher coming on Saturday! I can not tell you the amount of joy we are going to get out of these appliances. I think we are currently saving all out washing for the weekend. Pre – shopping for dishwasher tablets tomorrow, how excellent . It’s the little things!

Love and Best,
L xox

2 thoughts on “An Almost Week as an Untitled Something

  1. Hey! Just started following your blog 🙂 That is great you enjoy your job. Like they say, it’s not work when you like what you’re doing (or something like that). And, I cannot imagine life without my washer and dryer.


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