Don’t Squash My Pumpkin Seedlings!

I had been gardening for what seemed like a life time. Preening and preparing my raised bed in my Egytian garden for sometime before lovingly placing tiny little chilli plants and pumpkin seedlings in it. But before I could plant my tomatoes some bikini clad blonde decided to get into the soil I had preened, and use it as a sleeping bag. The dirt folded round her and you could see all the little roots from my beloved plants.

This dream has made me grumpy all damn day. I have no idea why. I can’t keep plants to save my life. I mean last year’s attempt to grow my own herbs ended up in wispy light green spindly sprouts that amounted to nothingness.  Yet the disruption of my lovingly planted dream pumpkin seedlings has disturbed me somewhat today. So much so that I can not stop thinking about the poor little roots and I have a  headache because of it. 

In reality, I’ve had a pretty amazing couple of weeks at my new place of work. Actually really love it.

More reality checks, I broke the pressure tape of the boiler when trying to get hot water for the shower and the hoover blew up in plumes of smoke and everything. There seems to be an ever extending list of things to buy, fix and replace at the moment. Boiler and hoover being two of them. I really don’t fancy hand brushing demons dog’s half eaten fluffy duck toy off my living room carpet. It’d only been a lowly day without a hoover and already missing it. Especially this morning when the new washer dryer span so hard it shook the glass egg bowl off the top of the microwave. Of course it smashed into a thousand pieces of eggshell, glass, yolks and sticky gloopy eggy mess. The joys.

So before I become any more grumpy I’m off to bed, with hopes of rising on the right side of it tomorrow since it will be Friday! 

L xox

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