Sleepless Baby Shower Cakes

It has been on my mind for a considerable amount of time how much I haven’t written. So much for getting into the habit. I’m still classing it as a new job, so out side work I guess I’m still trying to fit my life into and around it. I love it so much, actually feel like I’m worth something here. Like the work I do actually has an impact. At least I believe it does. And that is probably half the battle.

It is just a quick note tonight with the promise of something worth reading by the end of the week.

The bank holiday weekend saw me master another personally designed baby shower cake. I can’t say it was smooth sailing with this one and the kitchen was a disaster area for at least 12 hours straight on an all nighter.  And boy was it a long night!! Decidedly pleased with the finished product. It really did work out in the end. I did work my arse off for it though.


Next is my friends wedding cake! The date just days away! Not nervous… totally not in my nature. However it is in my nature to be absolutely petrified and perpetually over thinking everything that could possibly go wrong. I’m pretty sure I’ll be making two of everything.

Anyway here’s to sweet dreams, and sweeter cakes.

L xox

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