It’s a funny thing…

…time that is. This past 3 or 4 months it has been brought to my attention that I am no longer a carefree teen. No more forever 17 (or even 21 so to speak). The better half celebrated his 29th birthday last weekend, and I will be 27 in a matter of months. Barely any of my school friends are childless or single. Apparently motherhood and becoming a wife is on the cards for most people we know and love. Two sets of our friends are recently married/getting married – One at the end of May the other to come this weekend. The wedding bug has even bitten my little brother and his Mrs to be. They will be wed in the autumn of this year, and after a bridesmaid dress fitting I’m getting rather excited for the event.

So approximately 3 months to the dreaded birthday and I’m feeling oh so stuck in the same place. So over the next year, man and I, have made the decision to buy the house. We will be skint for the foreseeable future but (I’m hoping) we will finally own our house in about 18 months. *Puts on big girl panties- Goodbye Elmo girl boxers, Hello French knickers*

Step number one: I grew a pair. Man and I opened a joint bank account for savings. Major step in my head. MAJOR. Money scares me. I’m crap with it, but luckily the Man type is great with it and has kindly created me a magic spreadsheet that can be manipulate at my pleasure so I can keep track of all things monetary. Although tracking my dollar isn’t something I enjoy doing, I am willing to bend at the idea of an eventual home.

Step number two: Setting myself budget goals for shopping. I’m actually looking forward to this bit. I enjoy playing chef, so I’m hoping that this will get me back in to cooking, and in turn boost the blogging. Inspired by Julie & Julia too, the film I watched a couple of nights ago. I may even attempt to work my way through my favourite cook book of the moment by Jack Monroe just like the film, but blatantly more English and blatantly more disasters knowing me.

This evenings everything in the fridge recipe was going to be a potential hit. It was a quick cook risotto. Until I added salt. Hindsight, being the wonderful thing that it is, I realise that making something with salty stock and salty smoked bacon doesn’t need salt. But hey, it increased our intake of water this evening- this can never be a bad thing! I guess sometimes I need to engage brain before throwing things in a pan. So unlike me, I never add salt to anything. The one time I do turns out to be a bad thing. Along with a two litre bottle of water I have the left overs for lunch tomorrow.

Project homestead starts today. No spending on the lunch hour from here on out, no frivolous trips to the supermarket for chocolate, coming home with everything you shouldn’t eat, the crisps that were on offer and that second 6 pack of beers because the price was just too good to resist. Full steam ahead now.

Easy Risotto (minus enough salt to restock the Dead Sea)

Two small onions
1 cup of rice
3 cups of stock (I used beef- but use whatever you have)
2 Slices of thick cut Smoked Bacon
A generous amount of cheddar cheese (or again whatever you have in)

Sauté the onions in a small amount of butter until soft and almost translucent. Remember low and slow.  Chop the bacon and cook up with the onions. Add the cup of rice and cook out for a couple of mins until the butter is coating the grains. In another pan keep the stock heated before adding a little to the rice mixture at a time. Once half the stock is combined with the rice add half the cheese. Repeat until the rice is tender and the stock has created a smooth sauce. There you have it. Quick and easy risotto. Just don’t add any extra salt, pepper makes a nice addition though. There is no way in hell a pro would call this a risotto, but on this site, I make the rules.

See y’all tomorrow with recipe number 2 of Project Homestead!

Much Love
L xox

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