Calorific Carbs, Chums and Chatter

Once I had posted last. I lay in bed thinking of what budget friendly recipe I could create for day 2 of Project Homestead. After using Facebook as an advertising platform my bestie kindly reminded me that I was supposed to make a load of cakes for him which I had pencilled in for July not June. IDIOT!! I’m glad he messaged me.

Office was chaotic today and payroll was late by almost three hours because of it. Lunch was also delayed. I ate the left over dead sea risotto at my desk. Despite it being uber salty I enjoyed it. Different from my usual crackers and dip. Day over I rushed home and almost killed a man (completely normal for a twenty – something female who gets small person syndrome when she steps in a vehicle). Just for the record, I am a good driver. I just don’t like it when jack ass blokes cut me up. To describe my driving in one word – agressive.

So gets home to bake 48 cupcakes and make tea before the arrival of Squeak. 24 cakes in, im killing it. Multitasking to perfection. I chose to create a pasta dish, quick and easy while I baked. Plus all on the hob so no interruption for the cakes.

Volcanic Tuna Penne

Dried pasta (I made enough for 3 plus lunch tomorrow)
2 small onions
2 cloves of garlic
4 very ripe tomatoes
2 chillies (from our plant- adjust to personal taste)
1 tin of tuna
1 tin of tomatoes  (chopped or plum- anything you have int store cupboard really. S’all about the experimenting).


Chop the ripe toms, chillies, onions and garlic either slices or quarters or a small dice. Cook the pasta as instructed. In a large pan cook the onions for 2 mins till soft and translucent then add the garlic. Fry this out for a further two mins before adding the ripe toms. Stir continuously so as not to catch on the pan. My pans always catch at the bottom so I don’t like to leave anything alone, and the man type likes to help by taking over the stiring bit.

Once the tomatoes look soft and squishable  (technical word there) add in the tinned toms, tinned tuna and the chillies. Don’t worry if you’re not in to spice, just skip on the chillies. Used dried or powder or flaked if you don’t have the fresh. Just remember you can’t take it out once you’ve added it. Please taste test. I mean, not so great for the old budget if you have to throw out the lot because no one can eat it. You can always add more later. Anyway, cook this for aprox 5 mins on a simmer (the type of blip blip gentle heat rather than rubber dinghy rapids in a pan boiling over the side, need a chisel to remove the remains, kind of boil). Drain off the pasta and dump it in the sauce pan. Mix up and enjoy. Simple super. We like it volcano hot in our house – hence the name. I was a little worried I would blow Squeaks head off, he’s never been one for spicy. Maybe he was too polite to say any thing.

I think the left over chocolate fudge cake with squirty cream and caramel icecream may have extinguished the heat. Like I said calorific…. run tomorrow perhaps?!

Precariously, we wedged in the 52 frosted cupcakes into our emergency boxes (a banana box and several wine boxes) and secures them in the back of Squeaks car,;so he could journey all the way back to the land of his university. I hope they are enjoyed as much as man and I enjoyed his company this evening.

Much love bestie 🙂 now for a cuppa a shower and maybe, with some luck, a little sleep.


Love & Best
L xox

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