Budget Blown

The man type is slumped in some kind of meat coma. I blame him. An afternoon off and the first thing he thinks is steak for tea. Our fave! So after doing his rounds of visiting the family, he buys this…


Massive steaks. £10… of massive steak. Good bye purse friendly food budget. But hey, his dosh… and you really can’t beat a good steak!!

I cooked these to bloody red rare amazingness. For me it’s about two and a half mins each side and rest for at least two mins. I have to cook the blokes a little longer as he blatantly isn’t as blood thirsty as moi! Serve with oven chips and obligatory horseradish sauce for an easy dinner. The steak was so big I even have lunch tomorrow from it :).


I feel like I’ve cheated already. To rectify the problem, I made subtly spiced rice pudding. Cheap, easy and (although I’m not eating it today due to the meat coma)major tasty. No need for the additional Jam here folks.

My Spiced Rice Pud

75g of pudding rice
35g of sugar
500ml skimmed or semi skimmed milk
Good pinch of cinnamon
Generous pinch of nutmeg

I normally make this in the oven, but you have to wait two hours for the pud this way. I thought a quicker variation was in order.

Simmer all the ingredients in a pan stiring every now and again. The rice needs to swell and absorbed the sugary milk. Mine took around 20 mins to thicken to my preferred consistency and for the rice to be plum and soft. Completely smile worthy. I kinda like it in the middle of not too thick and not too thin. If you like it on the thicker side, reduce the milk by about 100ml.

Super easy and really cheap to make. Good hot or cold, so enjoy lovers.


L xox

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