Melt Down

Day at the office was major busy. I had so many papers scattered on my desk I couldn’t actually type on my keyboard. As far as work is concerned I’m not unorganised, but I need all these bits of paper. They all have a purpose.  They all relate to something I’m doing. I love my job,  I love being busy and feeling like I’m actually important in the office. This isn’t a feeling I’ve ever had before as far as work or life is concerned, and as an almost 27 year old I think that’s worrying. But I’m not dwelling on the past today.

It has just been one of those kinda days when the hour slot for lunch was reduced to a 10 min break.  Using the time successfully to scoffed my leftover steak and a some coleslaw before sharing the rest of it with the kitchen table. Making an ultra strong coffee before heading back to my desk in order to sort the ever growing mountain of responsibility out. I’d like to say that Fridays aren’t so busy for me, but I’d be lying. Last Friday I stayed till 6:20 despite finishing at 5:30. But like I said I love my job, so there’s no issue. It’s just nice to take breath.

Leave work and amazingly get home with a currently wayward exhaust. The back box needs replacing on Anna. She is majorly loud and whiney at the moment, which is okay until small person syndrome kicks in. I have lack of power, yet I sound like I’ve modded the thing. Every little boy in there lowered golf with tinted windows and go fast stripes wants to race. Anna won’t move very fast off the mark so I have to slap the small person in me and chill the hell out. This is not easy. Im a redhead for a reason.


Wine out of Harry Potter butter beer (plastic) mugs. Frozen delights for tea (sausage and mash) – not much to report on the cooking side of things today.  Last night’s rice pud though. Just yum. Please try the recipe… I actually surprised myself with that one and it now has favorite status. And after reading man  the new flavours of Ben and Jerry’s, which he is melting at the idea of. I think it’s time for bed before he gets in the car and hunts for a 24 hour supermarket that stocks the stuff. 

Here’s to the weekend. A wedding to attend tomorrow. I’m going vintage for the occasion.

L xox

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