Weddings & Father’s Day

Weekends are most definitely for weddings. Saturday we saw too of our lovely friends tie the knot. It rained a little which is said to be good luck, which we most certainly wish for the happy couple. The wedding was beautiful. Amazing venue in the Dales, fantastic view and more importantly, spectacular company.


The bride looked stunning in her lace dress, bridesmaids in hues of green and the groom and groomsmen in tweed style suits. We had an amazing time and are very honoured to have been included in the celebrations. Massive congratulations to the happy couple on their wedding day and the announcement of a new arrival in the winter!!

This morning we immerge a little hungover. Nothing a bacon roll couldn’t fix. Man doesn’t cook often, but he hooked us up with bacon after a long hot shower (gent moment of the day). Long walk with Demon Dog in the local woods. He ran relentlessly up and down very steep hills chasing other dogs. It’s unbelievable how overly friendly he is with every other dog, which is why I’ve been a major softy and started planning a puppy party for his first birthday.

Once Demon Dog was shattered we left for a drive to the Dales in Man’s very fancy and overly expensive courtesy car. It goes very fast and I want it full time. We drove to one of my favourite places in the UK. Grassington.


It was a happy coincidence that when we arrived there was a little festival on. Stalls set out up and down the cobbled streets from local crafts and foodies. We submitted pretty quickly and bought some beautiful hand made truffles from


As you may have guessed, they didn’t last long. 


Homeward bound, we stopped to see my dad. After all it is fathers day and we went baring gifts, in the form of shorts for his hols, donuts and a card.

When I was 7 Dad and I used to do martial arts together. He would take me every Wednesday to Aikido lessons. He would always watch me fight. He supported me to comp level, watching and coaching me. I think about the time I narrowly missed out on placing in a comp because my sparring partner stood on my head. I was gutted, but he told me it was okay and I’d done great and I felt better because of it. I’d watch him from time to time (his class was often a lot later than mine). The bit he didn’t know is that I though he was well cool.  My dad was the one throwing the other guy like they do in the movies. My dad was the man that never gave up and stood back up when he was thrown. My dad is the one who doesn’t actually realise what he can do, what he taught me and my brother to do and what he has done for us. He doesn’t realise that despite his abilty to wind us up some times or even say the wrong thing, he’s my hero and has been for a very long time. Lots of love dad x

Sap moment over…

Mustard mash and Grassington’s finest sausages for tea. I’m not going to bore you with the details of how I made it. Just add mustard to your fave mash and yum 🙂 please excuse the picture… I broke the sausage getting it off the oven tray.


I hope you have had a most fantabulous weekend also.

L xox

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