Rustic Aubergine Lasagne

Monday? Already?

The weekend has been and gone in its usual hurry. Back to the daily grind.

This evening I took the time to make a personal favourite.  Currently fending of the smell of mans cheesey dorito feet while I write up this lovely. Luckily he only took his shoes off after we ate.

This recipe is originally a wonderful Italian lady’s take on a classic Italian veggie dish. It’s the most magnificent and authentic veggie recipe I know with a rich homemade tomato sauce base. A little fafy but sooo worth it. Most definitely a show stopper. It can be made as the star attraction or as a side dish to some simply cooked meat. It can also be made in advance too making it a dinner party go too. This is my twist on a beautiful dish by a very talented cook. I hope o can do it justice.

Aubergine Lasagne

1 large aubergine
1 egg mixed with a little milk
2 handfuls of flour

2 small onions
2 cloves of garlic
1 x Carton Passata
1 veggie stock cube
Massive handful of fresh basil (I’m. Currently growing so on our widowsill)
2 x small chillies (I’m also growing thes, but feel free to leave these out)
1-2 handfuls of your favourite hard cheese.

To prep cut the aubergine into 1/2 inch slices. I like them in rounds, but strips work as well. Dip each slice in the beaten egg mix and then proceed to flour them (just make sure they are throughly dusted). Slowly and lightly  fry these in sunflower oil until light golden brown. Put them to one side,  preferably on kitchen paper to drain any excess oil off.


Meanwhile create a magnificent sauce by chopping onions very small and the garlic as small as you can. Sauté the onions and garlic in olive oil if you have it, if not sunflower oil is great. Make up around a pint of stock with the veggie stock cube (use beef stock if you’re not worried about it being veggie friendly. When onions are soft add the carton of passata and stock to the pan and if using chillies add these at this point. Simmer and reduce until it’s  blipping pan of loveliness. Add in the chopped basil and stir through.


In an oven proof dish, layer the battered aubergine slices and the sauce in alternative layers. Once the dish is full, top with cheese and bake till bubbling hot and golden on top (this normally takes me about 35-40 mins in a 190 oven. Serve with salad or meat depending on your mood.  We ate with a little  bit of gammon.


I hope you enjoy.

Love and best,
L xox

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