Farmers Market

Saturday brought a downturn in automobiles, but an upturn in weather.

Man and I tripped out to Leeds to a farmers market in Farsley. It was a small affair. The stalls provided us with lots to veiw, interesting homemade food and homegrown produce much to my enjoyment. I purged and bought something from nearly every stall. Homemade flatbreat from the first plus two pies (which man has eaten already).


The second stall I bought a bunch of beetroot. It’s not something I have ever bought before in this very raw form, but I roasted it on Sunday, and ate with tiny bit of Wensleydale cheese melted on top. The beautiful but ever lasting pinkness still blushes my hands. Along with the bloody pink goodness, we purchased a punet full of gooseberries. For mans crumble (recipe coming soon).

Demon dog wasn’t left out. No need to say, he was spoilt as per usual. Woofins and doggie pop!  As you can see he enjoyed them thoroughly (and no he didn’t eat them all at once). Take a look at the ladies Facebook page, all the treats are handmade!



For dinner we choose to have samosas and onion bhaji. Amazing! We bought them at the market along with everything else, warmed them up at home. The bhaji was beautiful, majorly light and not greasy. Our samosas were saag aloo (spinach and potato). Wonderfully spiced the parcel was crisp and moreish. I only wish we had bought more yum!! Syndi Duke is clearly passionate about her craft, and what a craft! Make sure to have a look at Syndi’s website. There are some amazing spice packs with the recipes so you can have a go you on your own.

Sunday saw the start of my first home brewing project.  Sparkling elderflower wine. But more of that next weekend when I know it’s worked.


Any who, happy Monday folks. Enjoy your week 🙂

L xox 

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