Ribes Uva-Crispa Crumble


Ribes Uva-Crispa Crumble (gooseberry crumble to you and I)

Madly high in vitamin C, these sour suckers make a kick ass crumble.


Punet of gooseberries
150g of Plain Flour
75g of Butter (actual real butter)
75g Caster Sugar
2 handfuls of oats

Wash the berries and nip off the woody looking left over flower bud. Pop them in a large saucepan with a splash of water and gently brig to the boil. The fruit will begin tk pop and squelch down at this point add a generous handful of sugar. Remember, you can always add more but you can’t take it away, so taste as you are adding ans get to the right sweetness for you. I like it on the pucker side, just tart enough to make you mouthwater. In its new mushy state leave to cool and prep the crumble.

Crumble is easy, experiment with different sugars, add nuts and seeds if you will. Whatever takes your fancy. I think light soft brown sugar makes an amazing caramel tasting top for Apple crumble. For the gooseberries I stuck to the oldy but goody, tried, tasted and loved standard recipe. But like I said experiment.

In a mixing bowl with your hands,rub together the butter and flour till it reaches a breadcrumb like texture. Add the sugar in along with the oats and run your hands through as though you were playing with sand to mix it.

In an ovenproof dish pour in the cooling gooseberry slush and pile on top the golden crumbly sand. Bake for 30 mins or unill the top is dark golden and the sauce from the berries bubbles up at the side. Serve with your chosen accompaniment. Man likes hot custard with everything but I’m much more of a vanilla icecream girl. If your mouth waters as you take the first bite, you know that a small victory has been won!

L xox

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