Bottle The Fizz

Today marks the bottling of my first batch of home brew. Sparkling Elderflower wine.

It looks damn good and it tastes good, but needs to be chilled. I’ve used a combination of recipes I found online and everything is a very rough measurements.

We collected elderflower sprays last weekend.


About 10 sprays will do it. Now don’t let anyone tell you that you need a fermentation bucket… just get a bucket and sterilise with boiling water. In 2 litters of Boiling water, dissolve about 75g to 800 of sugar. Add a further 3 litters of cold water this time. Once this has come to room temp throw in the elderflowers (carefully debugged them of course)and the peel and juice of 4-5 lemons.

From Wilkinson I bought a small packet of wine yeast. I added the yeast once everything had been added. Give it a stir and leave sitting, covered over with a tea towel. For a week.


It will sound like it’s fizzing. I’m hoping this is a good thing.

Bottle the elderflower nectar and leave again to ferment further. The longer you leave it the more potent it supposedly gets. Chill and serve with ice. I can’t wait to taste this!! Just a few more days!



Enjoy lovers,
L xox

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