Diamonds and Vodka

I’m so completely over my rant from the other day and hopefully back to my normal self. I am currently waiting to get back my Grandmother’s ring from the jewellers. I sent it for resizing and the claws retipping. Now I am nervously waiting for the call to say it’s ready and perfectly waiting for me to wear. It’s costing enough £175 for the pleasure. I’m worried they’re going to do something wrong. This ring means so much to me it’s unreal. Saphire, diamond and white gold. I used to admire it when I was little. Trying it on when Grandma and I snuggled up when I used to stay over. Seeing the diamond and how they caught the light and how dark dark blue the saphire is.


I’m still not sure it’s sunk in that I’ve been given this beyond beautiful item. For sure a family jewel that will be treasured and passed down to future generations. Hence the reason I really can’t wait to get it back.

In other news, next weekend is the trip to Newcastle and I absolutely can’t wait to see my bestie. Girls reunited. It won’t matter what we do because it’s just been too long and we have far too much to talk about. So a very long awaited girls weekend  is on the cards as it’s been an entire year since we ere together last.

After that weekend, man and I have a shopping day planned. The start of our Christmas shopping. Such a random day tk have off, but I figured it’s a good a day as any. And I’d rather be organised this year. We just started making toffee vodka and lemoncello. So simple and majorly tasty.

Butterscotch Vodka

75ml vodka
1 Large bag or Worther’s Originals

It’s as easy as unwrapping the sweets and putting them in the vodka. Shake and sip to test the sweetness. It may need more of the sweets. Add to taste.

I can’t wait to start the festivities this year. ..

Anyway off to watch Harry Potter with Man and Demon Dog.

Laters lovers.
L xox

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