There’s A Run In My Tights

There’s a run in my tights which is rather annoying as it’s literally the second time I have ever worn my polka dot tights. I really wouldn’t mind but this was the second pair of tights that I put on this morning. The first pair had an almighty hole at the knee and I haven’t got a clue how I’ve done this, so I’m blaming the washing machine. It’s the only explanation.


Finally got my scarf haul from my eBay orders.  The check pattern is completely my thing right now it would seem. Five scarves for just over £10. Let’s make no mistake, there not Versace or Dior but I’m very pleased with my items. Just a fedora hat, mittens and a new casual jacket to arrive, which of course I’m eagerly awaiting.


Armistice day was honoured up and down the country. Red poppies against chests. As much as I am for supporting this noble and worthy cause, I can’t  help but think it should be a priority of our government to support our troops past and present. There are plenty of soldiers that have been cast aside without a thought. They have to fight their own personal battles and struggle daily with their demons. Those individuals have to take help from charities or put up and get on with life after service.

So remember the fallen, but please remember the ones who struggle. Remember them as individuals, who gave up a part of themselves for the causes our government determined. The same government who supply very little help for these individuals. Above all, let us hope for peace. Hope that in another 97 years there won’t be any further cause to put our braves in the line of fire. Let’s consider the white poppy to represent peace.

Most definitely something to think about.

Till next time lovers,
L xox

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