Smashed To Smithereens

Yep, I’ve finally gone and done it.  Finally smashed my phone screen. It’s only just taken over a year this time.  I’m thibk that has to be a record for me… its normally right after I get thr damn thing. I wouldn’t mind but I bought a damn cover for the thing which came with yesterday’s eBay haul. Just my luck the say after I put a cover on I smash the thing up. Luckily it still works.

Just finished watching Into the Woods. I’m not particularly sure I’m in favour of this one. I like the concept, but there were far too many characters and the ending wasn’t definative enough for my liking. The cast is amazing, so many famous faces in there. It can’t have been that good because man fell asleep. His usual trip if something bores him. Arh well can’t say we didn’t try.

I’m afraid there is no recipe as mentioned on the Facebook page. I didn’t do much cooking in the end. I am however hoping to get one together for tomorrow  before the big old Newcastle trip!! Very excited about this now!

Laters lovers,

L xox

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