The Importance Of An Open Mind


In recent days gone by the world has witness great wrong doings to it’s people. A result of closed mindedness. Ignorance towards others, selfishness of individuals and just plain cruelty and stupidity. We live in a multicultural society and most of the time, most of this multicultural world works.


I am proud to be from one of the most massively diverse parts of the UK and I know the importance of community. I’ve worked with young children  and teens from different backgrounds in Bradford and found that this segregation and hate towards each other is only imposed by adults and their attitudes. For the children of tomorrow, I only wish for happiness, education and open mindedness. The child that no longer believes in Father Christmas neither hates nor finds any wrong in those that do believe. Hate is learnt. So lead by example.


For the individuals who deem it necessary to cause chaos, pain and misfortune to the innocent due to a belief system; regardless of that belief. I pity them. Life must be unequivocally single tracked for them, with no break from obsession.

I found myself at the point of rage when I saw an ill informed article shared on the most powerful networking site. It states that those who donned the french flag supported  (and I quote) ‘a white supremacy’. To which I agressively stick up my middle finger to. The argument addressed the decent point that previous terrorist attacks in Libya had not been covered by the media in the same way the attack on Paris. Thus, in turn means that everyone sharing the French flag is somehow racist and in favour of this so called ‘white supremacy’. My issues with this:

1)The french flag donned on Facebook shows that (personally) my thoughts are with our European neighbours that have suffered this tragedy. This does not for one second mean that I think any less of any Libian man, woman or child that has suffered at the hands of these deluded miscreants. Or any other victim of the terrorism. My thoughts are with you all.

2)I believe that most people are too wrapped up in their own Facebook worlds to understand what a ‘white supremacy’ is. Let alone have the time to support that highly questionable idea. Take your acquisition of supremacy and lock it in the cupboard, where you’re archaic and unwanted trash is most welcome.

I could think of other points to argue against this untimely criticism. Miss placed and miss informed. I am shocked at those who have shared and sided with this insulting peace. And for those who are unsure of the work I refer to please take a gander here. It’s audacity knows no bounds in my opinion.

Not only as a nation, but as nations in arms we need to stand together. Even if it means sharing a blasted picture on social media. It’s the thoughts and these small acts that make us human. Stand against the wrong doers, the ‘terrorist’ and defy their attempts to divide and conquer our world. Religious or not; French, Libian, Afghan, Chinese, English, Aussie and every other nationality need to to be United in such times. Life is what we have in common. What more do we need?

Celebrate the differences between us. Learn to understand each other and for the love of the world, learn that we are all human. Take care of each other.

“When the power of love is greater that the love of power, the world will know peace.”


Peace and love,

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