My Problem with Argos

After my rant on facebook last night, everyone knows I am unhappy with Argos.  See rant below…

Ordered some bits to be delivered fast track by #Argos on Friday! Friday 10pm came and no order. Reordered these things on Saturday morning for delivery Saturday evening. Wasted another evening waiting for the deliver to get an ultra morose inducing text to say attempted delivery failed, rearrange.

Go to that god forsaken hole at Forster square to wait in the customer service line for two hours on a Sunday. To be told that they’ve refunded our first order and will make sure the second order is with us by 10pm Monday evening.

10.15pm Monday evening text to say delivery has been missed…. my front door is in my living room. Now unless they are using invisible delivery drivers, trucks and parcels. No one, I repeat no one has come to our door. All I wanted was a pair of curtains!!!

Dear argos, please refund me for the 12 and 1/2 hours of my life that I will never get back, please see my invoice (as we all know time is precious, especially at this time of year; 9 hours @£30.00ph and 3 hours @£15.00ph -double time for weekends).

I would like my curtain delivered, pressed and hung at my window for the inconvenience. To top it off I would like a personal apology from someone in a senior position,on their knees in a stupid christmas jumper. A rendition of Elton John’s ‘sorry seems to be the hardest word’ is the only thing that will cut it for an apology. This must be preformed publicly. Then we will possibly talk about forgiveness. Untill this point we will never be friends.

Unapproving and undeniably pissed off customer.

I then emailed argos…

Dear Argos, 

I would like a full refund for my items which I have not received. I would also like to be reimbursed for the time wasted due to your lack of communication and delivery. Here is why…

FRIDAY EVENING: My partner had ordered the footspa and asked for deliver between 7 and 10 the same evening. There was a glitch with the system and he received no email, but received a text to let him know that the delivery would be with us at the suggested times. 8pm rolled round and he  to call to make sure the order had been place. After speaking with someone briefly, he was then put on hold for a total of 40 mins before he put the phone down. The wait time was unacceptable.

SATURDAY: I placed an order for the footspa, curtains and christmas decorations (as you can see from my order number below). I chose 7-10pm. This never came. I received a text to tell me they were unable to deliver my items. Now unless you have made a break through in technology and started to use invisible delivery vans, drivers and (wait for it, the best bit) invisible parcels – nobody attempted to deliver. 

Current count: 6 hours 40 mins 

SUNDAY: In an utter rage, I called the help line (to which i can only imagine was off the hook busy with all the other customers under the red mist) I was on hold for another hour. At this point, having exhausted my phone bill and my aptitude for listening to the same godforsaken hold track, I hung up with no avail. Jumped in the car and took a trip down to our local branch (Forster Square – Bradford). 

Let me tell you, during in the two hours I spent in the queue for customer services I saw an almighty range of idiots. Not only did your staff look uninterested, and completely unable to do their jobs, the manager stood in some kind of daze- also looking incompetent.  I heard your staff abuse customers when approached, and handfuls of them just stood still looking gormless. After our epic mission to the till, my partner and I were told that we could not collect our items. We could only rearrange our delivery. Full of woe and somewhat defeated, we agreed with the overly slow working till assistant to rearrange delivery for Monday evening 7-10pm because of our working commitments. 

Current Count: 9 hours 20 mins.

MONDAY EVENING: Raced home to make sure we were in for the delivery of described items. Waited in all evening. Invisible vans strike again. NO DELIVERY! But yet another text to tell me they’d not been able to deliver the items.  I do not have a castle surrounded by moat and crocodiles. Nor do I live in the Outer Hebrides. I live in a small village near Bradford that is easily found on a map. It’s the only Red door on the street and its clearly and proudly marked with 19A. 

I have had to source my items from other retailers. I would like, as mentioned, a full refund. I would also like to have this noted as a formal complaint, a copy will be sent via post to your head office as well as being published online. 

I understand more than most (after years in retail myself), that mess ups happens. Let’s face it it’s how you clear it up that counts. It doesn’t clear it’s self up that’s for sure. Lack of communication is diabolical. I would like this issue delt with as quickly as possible. I’d rather not be kept waiting any longer for some correspondence in return.

Current Count: 12 Hours 20. Not including my administration time. 

Please advise, 

Miss L Dawson

I’m hoping rhat I will get some kind of response. Who knows. No luck so far! Arh I just want my money back now!!

Here’s hoping…
L xox

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