After my recent issues with Argos, I have must to keep you all up to date, received a refund. Needless to say I’ve had no correspondence from the insufferable company in regards to either letter I sent out. This however, will be followed up in the new year. So call me the Yorkshire Terrier!

The end of the year is upon us and I feel that it could be time for a little reflection. I think in this time between Christmas and New Year we’re all a little fed up with the old year, we will be glad to see the last of it. With A New Year approaching fast there is promise of a new start for all. A new start, not unlike any other year, but still much needed, just as it always will be.

This is going to be the year of self-improvement. A year to set some goals and smash the living hell out of them. In order to help myself do this I have invested in a Happiness Planner. Its going to help get me focused towards my goals. The problem with being a creative introvert, is that you are so easily distracted. I’m hoping my

will power holds out and allows me to have this. If it allows me to become a better person great. I’m not going to spout all my new years resolutions. I’ll tell the at the end of next year… If all goes well.

On the cards for this evening  is a three course meal at home with the other half and then to my little brother’s house for the last round of the year. Pretty cool last min plans I think. Its been a while since we spent any time together so this evening is going to be the best.

So stopping with the chater and  now off celebrating.

Happy New Year lovers.
L xox

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