January 1st 2016 – Detox day 1 & 2

All I am going to say is; owch my head!

Dear body,
You will thank me later. Or at least  am currently hopeful that you will. The lack of caffeine is unbearable for my skull, which momentarily is going to cave in.

Demon Dog is currently sprawled belly towards the sky on the sofa. He’s dozing, and each time he stretches out I’m the brunt of the back leg kick out. I envy the snoozing right now. Although, Sherlock is just starting up. I’d actually hate to miss is. Pause.

Fast forward to day 2 detox. I caved and just had paracetamol. Headache slightly subsiding. I can reflect on day 2 of the new positive me. A healthy food shop was complete after being stuck in Bradford the entire afternoon. Man and I went for shopping and a very cheeky Subway (salad for me – tre light on the dressing), but in taking the trip out, we managed to get caught in the back lash of the crash which killed three people. We queued for a life time.

Finally arriving in Forster Square we wandered in the rain looking at appliances for a house we don’t own yet and sofas for a living room that doesn’t exist. We settled on a couple of shirts for Man and a new dress for moi. Sale item of course, £13.00 thought it was pretty bargainus. Good for work and great with the boots I have purchased off ebay (hopefully waiting for me at work). Managed a cute little birthday present for the sister in law, its her birthday on Monday! Officially the first one as fully fledge sister in law might I add. 

Fajita bowl for tea. Man had the full works with the tortillas, I am skipping as many cabs as humanly possible,so the chicken, peppers and onions with the spice on a very sophisticated bed of rocket. It was blow your brains out hot. Painfully hot.

Project defrost is well under way. Cleared out the freezer, Man has been blow drying the frost out ready for a wipe down with diluted bleach and all the new stuff I’m going to cook and fill it with. Its all about the healthy life style. Must remember its not a diet, its a life style choice. Back to the gym for some hard graft on Monday. I’m really looking forward to it, and may even go for a run with Demon dog tomorrow. The happiness planner is a good start. I’m going to have to get used to filling it in every morning and night. It means structure, and as chaotic as I am, structure works. So here’s to sticking to the happiness planner. Here’s to goals and smashing the hell out of them.

L. xox

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