Date Night

Date night was overdue. Date night was planned to be a cinema experience at the Vue in Halifax. All dressed up in the green lace style dress and cute wedge ankle boots, we drove down and queued for tickets well, we drove down, man looked for the pre-pay parking ticket machine and couldn’t initially find it (even though I gave him specific instructions to get to it).

Regardless, we queued for cinemas tickets for ‘Daddy’s Home’ with hope of some lightheartedness to mark the first date night of the year. Apart from there were no seats. Impatient as ever, we decided to just go eat Nando’s. Obviously avoided all carbs, ramped up the heat and just had chicken with salad and a mouthful or two of peas (which by the way, I’m still not sold on).

It was pretty good to actually interact with Man. I normally get a grunt here, bit of a moan there and a kiss before he leaves for work. Although he recently changed jobs and I now leave for work before he’s out of bed most days. A little time to talk was a good Saturday evening out.

Good night lovers,
L xox

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