Day #13

Caffeine free, back at the gym and eating well.

All impatient people will sympathies, I want everything now. Before I met man, I had it all sorted. I was very strick with myself (as I am being currently) and had a waist 1&1/2 inc less than what it is now. I want what I had then, but I don’t want to wait for it.

I’m considering running on a morning to boost exercise, as well as the gym. I’m no longer craving anything and, as proven this week I can happily go in the supermarket, walk down the confectionery aisle and not look, touch or purchase anything #winning.

Apparently it takes 21days to create a habit, and I’m not lacking any motivation. I just want to get my but back to peek fitness as it was before contentment and ice cream loving man friend set in. So the mission continues. #fitness2016 

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