Mini Banana Bites & Betryal

Since starting a new year with a brand new healthy version of myself (Lotty 2.16), I have been minimalistic with the carbs and high in fruit and veg. This week my new healthy lifestyle has left me with an abundance of overly ripe bananas. Eight overly ripe bananas to be precise. Not wanting to waste these fermenting sugary beauties, I did a little research to find out what I could make apart from the blatantly obvious ‘Banana Loaf’; I don’t have an aversion to banana loaf, but it seems to be the most go to recipe.


Now I did try two different recipes out. But my banana based brownies need some work before I let that one go public. Not quite ready for the exposure of the internet. The mini banana bites on the other hand, they are ready, and they are absolutely ripe (excuse the cheap pun) for the picking.




2 x Overly ripe Bananas
1 x Cup of Steel Cut Oats (or whatever is in the cupboard)
1 x Tsp. of Cinnamon
1 X Heaped Tbsp. of Chai Seeds
2 x Heaped Tbsp. of sultanas (or a dried fruit of your choosing)


There is no fancy bits of equipment. For this recipe dump all you need is a folk, a bowl, a spoon and a baking sheet. Simples.

Mash the banana, add in the other ingredients. Mix everything together well. Take a Tbsp. of the mixture and lay it on a lined baking sheet and press down slightly with the back of the spoon. I tend to use baking parchment to line my tins, it makes the cleaning up easier and it means nothing sticks to the baking sheet.


Bake for around 15-20 mins on the top setting until the little bites are a lovely golden colour just on the edges. These will be like lava when you pull them out of the oven, so the hardest part about this haul is the waiting to test. I’d give it 30 mins until they are fully cooled.

In my 30 min wait, Demon Dog and I went a walking. And bless my stars he was naughty today on his walk. He practically dragged me all the way to the field. Once we were there and he ran out the overwhelming bout of brimming energy, he was fine. Well, fine until he decided to walk through some other dogs offerings. He’s not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed sometimes. After our walk, Demon Dog joined me in the kitchen for round two of experiments. With Bella cat sat on my shoulders, Dog was rolling around and somehow managed to get banana in his fur, like I said… not the brightest bulb. He’s currently laying belly up on the sofa with his head cocked and hanging over the side. Strange creature.

Completely off the subject of bananas; I’ve been subjected, this last week, to the act of back stabbing. In my head this is a setback. A brilliant form of torture for a woman who suffers with manic depression and anxiety, but maybe this whole thing is just paranoia. So here it is, a summary, a paranoid account. But then everyone is out to get me anyway, so weather any truth rings here or not I will never know.

Trusting someone with a personal sum of information. Important to me. They took my information and shared it with others. It wasn’t expected and Im finding it hard to come to terms with really. That information was with me, it should have been my choice to share or not. Stubborn, Virgo and always right; this was my choice and I don’t take very kindly to having things taken away from me when it was mine alone to deal with.

I’m struggling to come to a conclusion on the whole thing. I know personally it takes me a long time to trust anyone just because of my experiences and what life has taught me up to press. Trust is earnt. People tend to do just enough to get you on side, share enough of their experiences to make you feel as though they trust you. In turn you must trust them. Then you put your trust in someone, they find a way to surprise you, and convince you that you shouldn’t have trusted them in the first place.

Feeling betrayed and now licking the wounds, it’s back to the drawing board to re-evaluate. Just to work out how to move forward from this. Back to playing my cards close to my chest I think. To forgive, but not to forget. Maybe it’s my own fault for having a little faith in humanity, and trusting the wrong person. That mistake will not be happening again, and all further conversations will be monitored and filtered appropriately. Not a great way to start my year of positivity.

A minor setback in the grand scheme of things. This will not defeat me and MY year. Here’s to goal setting, smashing and the success that follows.

Anyway enough with the heavy on a Friday Night. Enjoy the banana bites. Tomorrow I’m testing out flourless banana pancakes. If it works, a recipe will follow.


G’night Lovers,

L xox

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