Banana Pancakes

Today has been a day of nothingness and finding a new addiction. Luther. Yes, I know I’m behind the times, but we most definitely made up for that today. The entire first season in an afternoon. We are taking a break for him to Minecraft and me to hastily post up the pancake recipe. I have views to continue with at least one more episode of my new compulsion. Or maybe that can be my reward for getting ready for work, ironing clothes ect. The important bits that nobody want to do.

Here it is, tried and tested just today. Flourless, 3 ingredient pancakes. Easy, yummy and by making these I have used up 90% of the very ripe banana’s in the house. Only two left to inventively throw into some other concoction.

Easy as Sunday mornings, considerably apt for a Sunday morning.

Banana Pancakes


2 Ripe Bananas
2 Eggs
½ Tsp of Baking Powder

Whisk the eggs together with a fork and set to one side. With the back of the fork, just like we did for the mini banana bites, mash up the two ripe bananas then add in to the whisked eggs. Add the baking powder and whisk together thoroughly.


For cooking these little delights, I used a non-stick pan and no oil. If you don’t have a non-stick pan, use a regular one and a flavourless oil, coconut or something along those lines will do the trick. On cooking my first pancake I found that the colour is dark due to the natural sugars in the banana. Don’t panic if they look somewhat darker than normal pancakes. Unlike regular pancakes, they wrinkled and tended not to turn easily.

Man and I enjoyed them with a swirl of melted smooth peanut butter and Nutella. Can’t really beat that combo. Banana, chocolate and peanuts. An indulgent breakfast, but very controlled.


An update on my betrayal; It’s okay and I’ve let it go. Because guess what? I can. The mantra for the year, the one I will live by in 2016 is “I can, I will”. It is purely as simple as that.

Peace & Love,
L xox

5 thoughts on “Banana Pancakes

  1. I made some of these at the weekend. Tasted great but my pan suffered as it wasn’t as ‘non-stick’ as it should have been. I had them plain with chia seeds mixed into the batter. Picking at them while watching morning cartoons definitely felt like I was cheating somehow.


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