Failing to Adult


This morning saw me get up uncharacteristically early in an attempt to get back to the gym. I’m finding when I go I love it, but more often than not, talk myself out of calling in on my way home from work. I figure that getting up earlier and purposefully getting dressed in my gym stuff, pulling on trainers and not wearing makeup would help.

Great first workout back. Managed an hour and fifteen. Got showered and dressed (even moisturised). Stumbles (still sleepy) to the mirrors and what I would describe as makeup desks to put on makeup for work. Much to my dismay my face was blushed scarlet and no amount of foundation or powder was going to fix that. That’s when it happened. That’s when the most beautiful set of blonde, skinny and morning savvy women walked in the changing rooms. I’m there trying to blot away the blotchy redness with foundation from my cardio heavy work out, and in glide these perfectly tanned, perfectly wonderful fully functioning women. Ground swallow me up!

Massive blow to my somewhat proud ego. I thought I had been doing okay until that point. I mean, I got up on the 5.30am alarm. Even got to the freaking gym for 6.05am. Yes I looked like shit, and yes I was probably panting like a bitch on the hottest day in july, but I made it in. One small step to changing up my routine and becoming a little bit more of an adult. It took more organising than you think, for a woman who normally does everything as she walks out the door at least! Also far more planning, because I will never love mornings. I tolerate them at best. And that’s after coffee.

Anyway, I swallow down my stupid thoughts on the topic and head to the car for a pre-work preen in the privacy of my own car and protein shake. Face had cooled down a little since my encounter with the  ‘Housewives of New Jersey’, meaning makeup was easier. Powder in the water and shake. That’s all I had to do. I shook the shaker a number of times before the lid gave up being a lid. The sticky solution popped, or rather exploded, all over me and the car interior. And yes, this was seen, and yes it was one of the New Jersey crew. Cardigan covered in the stuff, unfortunately looking suspiciously like something else… Lord only knows what the workies think of me. *face palm*.

Actually felt like high school all over again. I mean how am I suppose to adult when the most stupidest things happen. I attract ludicrous happenings. Monday fail like no other.

So on a positive note, tomorrow has to be better right?

Love and protein,
L xox

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