Irons & Plastic Don’t Mix

Bridlington brings back memories with my Godmother and my bestest childhood friend. We took the trip on Saturday after dropping the VW off in Molton. Demon dog in tow (in the car and not running beside just to clarify).  We went in convoy with walkie talkies for the journey. It was like being on an episode of Top Gear. Apart from the cars weren’t all that great, especially the VW. That is going to be in the garage for the foreseeable future. Joy.

Arrive in Brid with Demon Dog where we walked and walked until we finally reached the beach. We walked ans walked some more to get to the water. This is where Dog chases the waves out and runs away from them when they lap back on the shore. Chips soaked in vinegar and sprinkled with salt on a cold bitter day was just perfect.

Then home for Demon Dog to be sweet enough to cuddle for a little while. Sweet spawn of Satan.


I’m still trying to adult. Sunday meant preparing for the week. Preparing meant ironing. Urgh. I wish all clothes were non iron. I managed to melt an entire corner of my salad box. The got the remainder of the plastic gunk all over the freaking ironing board.

The battle continues. On the plus side, morning gym is still working. Apart from my bag, I really need a gym bag that I can loose stuff out of on the walk from the changing rooms to the car. I might look pretty god damn adult, but the trail of underwear and makeup behind me proves otherwise.

Lots of love,
L xox

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