A Smashing Time

This post is somehow a little late. But down to a busy social schedule  (completely uncharacteristic) I’m not gonna stress about it. So here’s a catch up in one fell swoop.

I’ll start with last Monday. 

Last Monday. Got up went to the gym. Winning, yes. I mean even the sun was out. My protein didn’t explode, the beautiful brigade weren’t out in force and I felt like I was generally winning. Untill 10 mins into my daily commute. The gloriously sunny sun was directly in my eye line, and short girl issue #18 means that no matter where the sun visor is placed, shorty is bound to still be blinded. And this shorty was blinded, in turn, short ass misjudged a gap and totalled my poor mini’s passenger side wing mirror on the back of an eighteen freaking wheeler.

I pulled over, knowing damn well that this was totally my fault. The truck man didn’t stop for me to apologies to. So Mr truck man if you ever read this, I’d like to send you my apologies. I’m pretty damn sure that you didn’t feel a thing from my poor blue mini’s mirror crunching against your overly huge massive metal frame.

So that’s Monday out of the way. Next on the notable list was the forgetfulness of Thursday.

Gym went great. I felt like I’d been hit by a truck on Thursday morning,  but got out of bed at 5.30 regardless and hit the gym. Great workout. Very sore… can totally only mean one thing. It’s working *inserts victory dance*! Out the gym, shower routine, still remembering to moisturise. Come to put clothes on and low and behold I’d forgotten my freaking bra. Failing to adult at its worse. Not something I really wanted to draw attention to at work, so I put my spare sport bra on (yes, I carry two). Not overly  comfortable.

The weekend. Well Friday night I had the company of one of my lovely best friends whilst making a mammoth order of cupcakes. 110 cupcakes and a Yorkshire tea style cake, all for a 21st Birthday. It was a lovely evening and despite stressing initially everything went smoothly and the cakes got done.

To be continued…

L xox

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