The Unsung Hero

It’s been too long and for that I am guilty. So much has been done it would be hard to catch you all up on three months I have missed at blogging. I won’t try, but I’ll detail my important bits another time.

Today we saw a tragic loss. A woman, a mother, a treasure. As terrible as it is, we will never know the magnitude of this. We will not see the struggle her husband or her young children will face, we will not see their tears for years to come over missed birthdays, or see the longing for a body no longer there to squeeze after a long hard day. We’ve lost an MP who stood for the people and represented love and humanity. Rest in peace Jo Cox.

How about the men and women who witnessed, investigated and prevented a situation that could have become worse? We don’t stop to think of them. The images they see, the despair they face, the bravery they wear and the determination that it takes to overcome such a day.

I truly hope they have arms to hold them. I hope whatever God they believe in (if any) grants them the strength, sleep and rest to over come days like today. They are amazing people doing seriously difficult work. I sure as hell couldn’t do it. It is brave. It is commendable and they should have recognition for this. They are our unsung heroes, which I for one, are eternally greatful for.

Rest easy, that’s all I hope for you all tonight. Tomorrow is another day. Let’s hope for metaphorical sunshine and no more floods.

L xox

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