The Venture

I’ve been dabbling. Dabbling in direct sales. I’m no sales woman, but I’m having a blast. I’ve met some amazing people and continually speak to people I wouldn’t have before. I’m making money by showing off my amazing nails. Jamberry. Ladies it is the way forward. Drinking cosmopolitans, playing Facebook games and watching Sex in the City (for the umpteenth time). Yes, just yes.

So for all interested here’s the website.


I won’t bore you with my venture any longer. I am not a direct and push sales person I will never be.

In more recent news, the grandparents are officially moving back. Moving back, just down the road moving back. I could mark more difficult time ahead. Although saying this, it will be much better having them down the road when Grandad decides to go on a ‘walk’ so we can find him rather than have Grandma worrying her heart out and then us in turn worrying because we cannot do anything at all. For all the emergencies yet to happen we will be there. It makes you question, who would fill the gap if family isn’t there?

Something to think about for next time.

Love and best,

L xox

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