Bad Mood

I turned in to work this morning after an early gym session (trying my best to get back to my desired fitness level- but that another story). I got in to find three of the blokes I work with in their usual spots but one of the very grumpy. Now I work in a recruitment agency, so tone, mood and just general attitude comes across very strongly in the office. Stress levels are always high on a Wednesday as it’s the day we run our payroll. Everything went wrong, that you could possibly imagine! Time sheets weren’t in, time sheet were wrong, guys didn’t send back documents, we couldn’t get in touch with site managers. It was difficult morning, which didn’t help with the stress levels of my colleague.

With payroll finally complete a couple of hours late, it was lunch time and said colleague is normally up and away from his desk 2 mins before 12pm hits. He is, like us all a creature of habit. Not today. Despite asking him, despite telling him to take a break he wouldn’t. He continued to work, but also continued to be a complete grump (due to work stress I’m entirely sure). It got me thinking about how important breaks are.

Yes, it may just be half an hour or an hour away from your desk or work, but mentally it makes a world of difference. I’m guilty of the same thing, or at least I used to be until I worked at my current place. It cannot be natural or normal to sit in front of a screen for so long without taking a breather. Take today for instance. I’m sure if my colleague had taken at least half an hour out and went for walk no one would have died while he was away from his desk; everybody would have survived. He would have been able to come back from lunch with a clearer head, surely making him more productive in the long run. Our attention spans are not that great. We are surely not meant to work for such long periods without a time out. Hence, lunch break being so sacred.

So moral of this blog post; step away from your PC at work and take a walk. Breath in the outside air, make an excuse to sit somewhere new and picnic with your humdrum dinner and your work mates. Talk about anything other than work, but break it up a little. You will feel a whole load better.

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Next week I’m going to try the ‘Lunch Box Challenge’ – Meaning something different and homemade every day! I’ve been sticking to soup or salad recently so it’s time to mix it up.

Don’t forget to take a break tomorrow.

Love & Best,

L xox

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