Evening Ramble

My goals for writing are slipping away and I keep promising myself that I’ll get back to it. I’m the only one who sets and aim for these goals. I’ll keep it to myself and see if I can do it, I’ve often found is to be the best method for other goals. 

I smashed the hell out of my Jamberry business goals in October. Hoping it will continue for the run up on Christmas too. It’s very moral boosting when you exceed your very  own expectations. Probably a good thing when the stupid cold/ flu thing is floating round work again. Note to self – wear scarf over your mouth and nose during office hours.

My bipolar is on a level or high at the moment, with only two minor dips in the past 2 weeks. These lasted a mere couple of days. Delusions are at present, softly humming in the background. They’ve been  a comfort, and there is no chance that they will subside. I don’t mind this, as mine are a constant and non-threatening sort. An idea which will always linger, like a religious person with their God. 

Here is to the random ramblings of a want to be writer. I’ll make the promise to be more coherent in my next post. Probably. Promise. 

Gnight hey, xox

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