Erm What Just Happened?! 

Today I: Got told that it wasn’t going to matter what I wear because I’d end up looking like I was eventually wearing a tent anyway. Told said person to shut up as I might cry or rip their throat out.
I yelled at a fellow worker and gave him a demonstration of how to wipe the kitchen surface down with a dish cloth and anti-bac (not toilet paper which he was using). 
I bluntly pointed out to another fellow worker that saying “I think its aesthetically pleasing” whilst talking about Nazi’s needed more elaboration. Apparently he was referring to Hugo boss and not the blonde hair blue eyes crazy… but dude, specifics, please! 
I cried because I watched a cat rescue a puppy on a fb video.  

And greatest achievement of the day was ordering crispy duck. Now my closest will know that I won’t eat duck because I think they’re cute (completely legit fact) I’ve never eaten duck. Future child wanted duck (must get it from it’s dad), future child had womb service. I ATE duck… what the actual?! 

Tomorrow = who knows? World domination? Crying in to coco pops? Maybe I’ll stay in bed.

Love and best 

L xox 

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