So the thing about impromptu anything – it’s supposed to be last minute, a bit random you know the kind of activity you don’t plan for.

I had planned to visit my grandparents today. BUT I was feeling a bit meh (yes, that is the technical term) and called to see if we could reschedule. We agreed to lunch on Thursday. Then being completely backwards, I dressed the baby up for the outside world and headed off to pick up a parcel for man. I want to tell you it was an in and out job, but the baby in a car seat always adds another five minutes on to what ever your doing. Oh, and of course the woman in the queue that had brought out the wrong ID to retrieve her parcel. Yeah, she spent a blur of moments trying to flirt with the young man (At least 15 years her junior) at the counter for him to release her package. Needless to say he didn’t let her have it, nor did the fella fall for her charms. So she rescheduled for Saturday. Let’s hope she gets it, you know for all the time she wasted. Got my parcel pretty quickly – I did have the right ID. Not to brag or anything. Bundled the baby back into my Mini, which was parked in a normal tight spot because there are no parent and child spaces at the delivery office. Thank you Royal Mail?

Decided to trip to asda to buy man’s diabetic pep juice, commonly known as Lucozade. Ended up buying a cake because I felt guilty for cancelling today’s visit. Delilah blowing raspberries randomly and waving her arms about in the snowsuit that is slightly too big, we paid at the slowest cashier desk ever. The tool scanned the cake and put it upside down on the packing part of the till – This is what I’m dealing with people. My guilt cake was now upside down. My unnecessary guilt cake, because I hadn’t cancelled I only rescheduled. Even with that in mind, my brain takes more convincing that I haven’t actually abandoned the oldies and I will be seeing them tomorrow. Delilah, me and the guilt cake piled into the car, which again was parked in a normal tight spot because the parent and child spaces are completly full. And according to most supermarkets, there are more disabled people that parents with a child under twelve. Not sure how true that deduction from car park logic is.

Poor Delilah at this point has barely napped, and falls asleep as soon as we set off to the oldies place. Hoping to not disturb her I take her car seat out, but being a two door Mini she woke up. One bottle later and centre of attention by all parties the child is the happiest, smiliest girl on the planet. This is a huge hit with all parties. She will most likely be the girl at the centre of any future drama. I’ll be keeping an eye on that…

The guilt cake worked for my mentality- no longer feel guilty for nothing. And if the snow isn’t there in the morning, Delilah and I will be curtain shopping with the oldies. Not sure how that happened, but they are on our list of fave people. Thus meaning, even though shopping ain’t our bag, we’ll sort it. That was my impromptu, but planed then rescheduled visit. Go figure… the inner workings of my mind.

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