‘Chase Me’ Cats, Barking Dog Equates to a Distracted Baby

Anyone who knows me, knows I live in a bleeding mad house. And yes, this is completely my own doing (or fault depending on the day *smirk*).

Today, my mad house tested me to a limit I haven’t seen in a while. The limit what requires some self assessment once hit. It started at Delilah’s 4.30pm nap (last snooze in the day before bedtime). It’s been crazy windy hear today, and every time the bastard wind decided to throw the wheelie bin lid back on the recycle bin the dog barked. This happened persistently through the day. Every time the baby fell into her nap, the lid would blow off the bin and the dog would go nuts. I’m talking full on fizz bomb, spine fluff on end, ear perked as thought we’re under a zombie attack kinda barking. Which makes Delilah jump out of her skin, scream her head off and wide eyed awake from her nap – even though she hadn’t had ten minutes. Urgh. Sleep is already enemy number one, I didn’t need a zombie prepared dog to help her reject sleep.

Anyway, back to her 4.30 nap. She slept for about half an hour (fanbloodytastic, little dinosaur needed it) so it’s her teatime. Brilliant concoction “baby smoothie” made with a pear, strawberries, organic oats and baby milk. Loves the stuff. She’s sat in her high chair, bib on ready for her smoothie mix. My three kitties decided to play bitey catch, the game where they run from bedroom to bedroom after each other. When a kitty is caught one of them bites the other and the game continues. But, the dog is in the living room because he wants to play the game too. If I let him play he ends up licking his wounds when the cats beat him up. Poor boy.

So as I mentioned earlier, dog is on zombie attack mode and any sounds are setting him off. Cats running from room to room are actually the undead coming to get us in dogs mind, so every cat noise is met with an energetic shouting from him. Meanwhile, Delilah is looking at the door for the dog or cats to appear (she’s a little fur crazed at the moment), thus meaning baby smoothie is smoothied all over her face and I might as well be trying to put the stuff in her ear. I put the dog on his bed, shut the cats out the kitchen as to minimise distractions for her. Cats still chasing, dog still barking at impending doom and Delilah most certainly distracted from her dinner. My blood is boiling. Gets the dog and makes him sit in the kitchen, now Delilah has her fluff fix to stare at while eating her dinner sideways.

Dog won’t sit still, I feel like I’m talking to myself when giving him instructions and Delilah had her hands in the smoothie bowl. Dog sticks his nose up on her little table top. Then it happens. Words I never thought would come out of my mouth. “Don’t lick the dog” Delilah has her mouth open and tongue hanging out ready to give doggy kisses. Luckily she misses and give a him a good old smoothie covered pat pat instead with her little grabbing hands.

Deduced from today, my temper is on short fuse but my daughter has amplified my love for animals in her own way. Dog, is so very sweet with her and the cats (well India at least) has tolerated Delilah’s little paws all over her. Mad house has a plus side.

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