I am grateful for my family. My daughter is nothing short of perfect. She is the sweetest, most chilled out child I have ever had the chance of meeting. And I know now why parents gush about their kiddos, but I’m really not exaggerating. Even when she’s under the weather, when she’s teething and when she’s having a sicky day; she is an utter pleasure to be around.

My fiance, he’s pretty perfect (for me) too. He had a random delivery this morning and wouldn’t tell me what it was. He got home and insisted he changed his infusion set (type 1 diabetic – he uses a pump) but then told me I had to come look what his parcel was. I HAD to go upstairs to see and he wouldn’t bring it down. Confused, I follow him into baby’s room. The sweetheart had brought her a night sky projector. Little stars and moons in all the colours to light up her bedroom at night! Amazingly sweet. Sometimes we get on each other’s nerves, but sometimes I think he might just be the most thoughtful man ever. I’m so very pleased he’s mine.

I am grateful for good days like today; despite my only pair of (comfortable for bloat) fitting jeans getting so worn out there’s a fray at the inner thigh seam. Sexy. Maybe not, but oh so real.

Tomorrow I’ll be thankful for a trip for new jeans.

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