A Budget Friendly Pud With Cupboard Ingredients

Rice pudding. The thing in tins. The tin that sits open and half used in the fridge until clear out day. Often a bit runny and lacking in the nutmeg department. Amazingly easy to make, and tins of this traditional pud will have no place in my cupboard.

My version is simple and spiked with nutmeg (and cinnamon if you so wish). I don’t even use pudding rice. I really wouldn’t bother running out and buying some especially.

Ingredients (serving 2 – 3 depending on appetite at roughly 66 pence for the full recipe)

70g rice (I used long grain)

1 pint whole milk

1 – 2 tablespoons of sugar (I used grandulated, but caster would be fine)

1 tsp of nutmeg

(1 teaspoon of cinnamon COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, I left it out this time)


It’s as easy as adding it all to an oven proof dish, with a lid. Give it a good stir. Bake for around 2 hours on about 190 degree oven or the equivalent. Stir ever 40 mins to an hour to make sure nothing is sticking.

I’m not a fan of the funky ‘skin’, hence the lid for the pot. If you like the skin however, feel free to leave the lid off, add a splash more milk and don’t disturb the rice so you get the skin tons of people love.

If you baking it like I do, when it’s done there will be no visible liquid at the bottom of the pot. The rice will be plump and sticky with the sugary milk. It’s perfect spooned into your fave bowl with a blob of jam. Customise to suit yourself.


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