The Small Victories of Today

I’ve been poorly ever since Thursday. On Thursday, the lowest point of my poorliness was dry heaving into Delilah’s shape box thinking I wouldn’t make it through the morning, let alone the rest of the day.

Anyway, today being Sunday ideas determined to feel better and walk up to see my dad. This however, is rather a long and hilly walk even for a day you are fully okay. I was not fully okay. Regrettably I cancelled my walk and never got to see my Dad – it’s been a while now. This makes me sad, but that’s another tale.

Anyway, I took it upon myself to make a start on our back yard. I call it a yard because it’s really not a garden. There is no grass and the only things that currently grows there are weeds. And the weeds grow through our half arsed attempt to make the garden better two and a bit years ago. Let me tell you, weeds are heavy. Weeds and potting soil are VERY heavy. I cleared out the back porch which was brim full of muck and old bits we had used in the garden, an old cat tree and a couple of resident spiders. I got this done when Delilah was mostly napping. I say mostly because she was sat in her coat watching me from her boss chair to start with. That was until she decided to create – and it was far to early for a publish-ish display of tiredness on her part.

So my victory of today was cleaning the most part of the garden up while fighting through what ever this poorliness is and fighting with a tired baby and oh yeah the dog who was trying to eat drain garbage (forgot to mention that bit earlier).

I’ve been on a Monty Don spree too, and I’m feeling a little inspired. I’m going to plant some herbs… maybe in the kitchen. I’m really not good at plants. The only one I’ve ever managed is an orchid. So this can be a start.

Victory will be mine!

3 thoughts on “The Small Victories of Today

  1. If you decide to plant herbs in your kitchen would you post some pictures of how it turns out?! I’ve always wanted to make a mini kitchen garden but never seem to get around to it or find a nice set up for my kitchen. I love seeing images of them though for inspiration!
    Hope you feel well again soon!!
    Also! Totally unrelated but I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! 😊

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    1. Of course. I’m on a mission today to get what I need and I’ll be happy to share.

      Thank you so very much for a nomination. I’m just getting back into this whole world and do reqlly appreciate everyone taking the time to read. So thank you 💖

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