High on Thinners

I planted my seeds. This is the first thing you need to know about today. I got out my tea cups, gave them a good wash. Gathered my green fingers kit and cracked on.

Delilah happily sat in her high chair and played “feed the cats snacks they wouldn’t even sniff at”. I added my compost to my teacups, used a spray bottle with water to make sure it was damp, sprinkled my seed and covered it with a little more compost. Sprayed it again with some more water, and done.

Cute right! They’re sat on my kitchen windowsill. They will take (according to the seed planting destructions) between 7 and 21 day to sprout; and no the tiny paper packets didn’t use those specific terms. I’ve found this little project really therapeutic. It didn’t take long, but it was really calming. I did a couple of teacups with tomato seed in there too. This will need replanting once they emerge from the muck.

Man has come home tonight, and didn’t even say hello. Just opened his post then got bad funky mood after reading a letter he received. I’ve put baby to bed (record time in the lighter weather), cleared up from tea and while I’ve been doing this he’s been doing something with his Airsoft guns. Something with paint thinners.

Now I’m sat in the living room feeling all high off the thinners and about to get my serious “read some blogs” head on.

Happy reading,

L xox

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