Relationship Goals

We see pictures on insta, in mags and on the box of sweet ass, well manicured couples. We hashtag #relationshipgoals when we see something cute a bloke has done for a woman. We idolize couples because they seem so perfect in the spotlight.

Well here’s the thing; we’re all picture perfect for insta, we’re (mostly)all behaved in public and in front of our peers. Not one of us has an insta-perfect relationship behind closed doors. We have perfect moments and the rest we are cobbling together, stumbling through our lives with each other and laughing (for the most part) as we go.

Sometimes we anoy each other. Sometimes we support each other. Sometimes we get along. We leave clothes on the floor, toilet paper middles on the side of the bath and not in the bin. Sometimes we leave an empty boxes in the kitchen draw because we can be too lazy to put it in the recycling.

Regardless of all this and any which way, we still love each other. Now that’s #relationshipgoals!

Stop letting social media and media in general dictate your happy relationship. Every couple is different, and what works for me and mine might not work for you. Give yourself a chance to know what you want rather than what society deems ‘normal’.

Happy relationship-ing

L, xox

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