Master of Bake Off

Two years running man and I have ruled our family Easter bake off. Can we make it a third?

The first year man swooped in with a salted caramel cheesecake. Everyone just died.

(Unfortunately we didn’t get a pic – here’s one from the recipe though)

Last year we made a giant jaffa cake and other than the chocolate wasn’t shiny on top, it was delish!

This year, I’m trying something completely different. A mirror glaze, white chocolate mousse cake with a black forest jelly and chocolate sponge filling. No pics yet. The mirror glaze is ready to pour, but I’m not doing it till the morning. The mousse cake part is setting in the freezer. I’m so freaking excited. There will be pictures tomorrow and a link to the recipe I followed if all goes well.

It’s been really good to have something to concentrate on today. An excuse to get my creative bake on.

Happy Easter yolks.

Xox, L.

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