Easter Monday

Starting my sugar detox today. I’m starting out on changing my lifestyle, and I have this idea that writing about it on a daily basis will keep me accountable for my choices.

I’m starting with the goal drinking 2-3 litters a day. Cutting out all processed sugars, and eating more veggies. It’s basically what we all should be doing anyway. I’ve done it in previous years, but ideally want to get back to being myself before my 30th birthday. We are on count down now you see – 6 months to go till the be three-o. There’s that and our date-less, but inevitably impending wedding.

Today was a relatively a good day – apart from the additional dash of Easter choc. It was always going to be a tough day with chocolate in the house from Easter. The plan is to pack it all of with man to work tomorrow – problem solved. Then I’ll get my workouts in and a yoga sesh. It’s just sticking to it. Hence talking about it here. Let’s be accountable.

Today my meals included: a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast, Spicy Carrot soup for lunch and Chicken Pad Thai for dinner. All very tasty, and will be revisiting each meal, especially the Pad Thai. That’s going on the fake-away list.

Making a list in my journal tonight to crack on with tomorrow including some blogging work and keeping healthy choices. Love a good list. Any excuse to use some sweet stationery here.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Easter and recover from over indulgence quickly.

Xox, L.

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