One Rule For Having A Good Day

Through the hard days, like most people who deal with a mental illness, I loose my motivation. The smallest tasks see like a monumental effort.

The older I get and the wiser I become to my own mentality I’ve noticed that if I can completely the most simple task I have a better day.


It is as simple as that. Always make your bed. Straighten out your sheet, your duvet and fluff up them pillows.

The first task of the day. Do it like you want to even if you don’t. Take pride in making it look good. Tick it off your list and I promise you that you will feel more productive. It will start your day in the right way. You will feel good for accomplishing one of your daily tasks.

If it’s all down hill from there and it’s still a bad day (which it can be) you have a nicely made bed to get into. Regardless of the day, getting into a made bed is pretty damn good. It’s next to clean sheets and fluffy towels.

It wouls ve great to know how you get on. Leave me a comment on how you make a bad day good. Happy bed making.

Xoxo, L.

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