A Hebden Bridge Vibe Sunday

A Sunday like this Sunday in our household means a rare day together as a family. Man works constantly, so it’s great to catch a complete day together.

Today was a lazy start, lingering between the covers while Delilah dribbled and sneezed all over us. She giggled as she did it. And yes, she has a cold – again. I don’t know anyone with a cold at the moment, so god only knows where she’s caught that from.

We decided to take a walk round Hebden Bridge. It’s about a 40 min drive from us. It’s quirky attributes and pleasant vistas are perfect to ramble around. The canal is continual in both directions so you can walk a fair distance.

We got there and we found a little street food market. Rob found Indian street food straight away, the smell was amazing. He bought onion bhajis. We took a gander at some other stalls before we were drawn to a sticky toffee pudding one. Ginger hug, sticky toffee pudding bought, we walked over to the park for a coffee and for some lunch for Delilah.

We walked on the canal bank for a while till we were out of the little town and ran out of pram friendly path by the canal. We looped back via the main road towards where we parked, dodged the roadworks and plenty of people. It’s such a busy little place. One of memories for me. Not necessarily good ones, but memories all the same (this my dears, is another story for another time). Once we had a sleepy Delilah fastened in her seat, man decided we’d drive back via Denholme. Over the tops, on actual driving roads. The type with curves and hills for miles. The good roads that when you know them you feel at ease driving them fast.

He dropped into Keelham farm on the way home and got a piece of beef for dinner and obligatory custard for his pudding – he’s a complete custard fiend. When I was cooking dinner, I noticed I have little sprouts in most of my herb teacups!

How exciting, I’m actually growing something. This may be trivial for anyone else, but for me it’s a triumph! I normally kill any plant, I mean don’t get me wrong there is time yet to murder the innocent seedlings. BUT I will take some comfort in the fact my little seeds are now seedlings.

Anyway, back to tea – I miss calculated how long the beef would take to cook. Now I like my beef on the rare side, but initially our roast was raw. Not so sure it would have passed for cooked at all. So everything was ready apart from the beef. My bad.

After dinner man wanted his sticky toffee pudding, it had a “ginger hug” to it. It was divine. Found the guy who makes them on Facebook. You can check out his page here. So worth trying one of his puds. It was down right delish. Not too sweet, not too gingery and perfectly saucy. The sponge was light and not over facing. Recommended for sure. Even asked about possibly doing wedding puds, think it would be a lovely nod to man’s late mum who’s fave pud was sticky toffee. I never got to meet her, but I just know she would have loved this dessert.

That was however the final naughty. Time to get my butt in gear and get some level of fitness back, and I ain’t talking about ‘fitting-this-whole-piece-of-cake’ kind of fitness. Goals for the week:

1. Drink at least 3 ltrs of water per day.

2. Get a Yoga routine and a workout in pre breakfast. Also hit step count for the day.

3. Eat healthy lower calorie meals and 3 low cal healthy snacks.

Should be simple enough. We will see.

Happy weekend.

Xoxo, L.

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