Through The Fog

After last night’s head clear out, I’m thinking differently again.

We all have issues. And I’m struggling with how to sort this one out. The key hasn’t been softly softly, so kicking it up a notch could be worth a shot. I’m finding it hard to know which part of the puzzle I am. To my story I am the central peice. To their story I’m not sure where I fit, which is why this issue is taking so freaking long to sort out.

With last night’s post (brain vomit) all over the blog, today has been a bit of a haze. Delilah and I went for a walk, had a clean up as I talked to myself. I babbled on about my issue; meticulously planning out different scenarios and what I would say to each. I’ve had that conversation so many times now that if it doesn’t happen in reality I might actually self combust!

Now I’m sat here thinking about spontaneously setting alight, or just imploading. Yes, that’s how my mind works.

Delilah has decided today that the only thing worth crawling for is a dog toy or a plug wire. The days of sitting her in the centre of her toys and nipping out the room to throw some washing in, or empty the dishwasher are just about to be over. I am glad she’s on the move. My sweet girl was getting frustrated just sat there some of the time and ended up being a right wingey thing. She likes to pull herself up too, so lowering the cot is a must this weekend before she decides to escape. As you can see from the pictures little miss D is very happy to have her doggy’s toy.

Onwards and upwards right?!

Xoxo, L

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