Pen Pals

Once long long a go, I had a pen pal. I’m not sure what made me think of my pen pal this afternoon, but I’ve found myself replaying old memories and she popped up.

Her name was Rachel and she lived in Cornwall. Her grandparents rented their beautiful house out ever year for the holiday season and that’s how we met.

The house was a three bedroom detached with a pool, an edible garden and orchard. I’m pretty sure we spent 4 or 5 summers at this beautiful house. The lady (Jean) and her husband (Ray) were always so welcoming. They looked after us, even though that wasn’t part of the holiday rental agreement. They were the kindest couple. Fun loving and gentle, they helped to fill our home from home with sunshine.

I met Rachel and her brother Mark one day while we were swimming in the pool. Rachel and I were a similar age and her brother Mark was a similar age to my brother. We had a love of nail polish in common and that’s all it took for an eight year-old me to develop a new friendship. We spent 2 weeks of the holidays together for a few years before we decide to write each other. We wrote before becoming too busy for one another. The time between letters got longer and eventually we just stopped writing.

The first ever letter I got from my pen pal was written in different coloured ink. It must have taken an age to write, and I was envious of how her writing looked so perfect to me. My handwriting changed all the time, as a child this was slightly annoying. Even now it’s never the same and it depends on my mood as to how it looks. I attribute this to my mental issues, but I like this. I don’t like to always be the same after all.

I miss writing letters. Taking pride and time in cursive script and double checking all my spellings. I must have wrote and re-wrote my letters a dozen times before I finally sealed an envelope and stuck on a stamp. I miss pretty stationery. I miss the pure art of letter writing and what technology doesn’t give us.

I’m open to a pen pal. It would be great to have a go. Read without judgement and write just the same. There is something so personal about a hand written letter. Raw and beautiful. Fancy having a go? Get to my contact page and email me; we could switch addresses and start putting that cursive to good use.

Xoxo, L.

13 thoughts on “Pen Pals

  1. I have a friend in Australia and write to her. I completely agree a hand written letter is much more personal and thoughtful to read. Where abouts are you from? What kind of things interest you?

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    1. I’m a UK girl (Bradford in Yorkshire), goodness all sorts really. I love baking, writing, music and my family life.

      Where about are your from? Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment and read 😊

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      1. Your writing is good. I’m in the U.K. too. Manchester way! So we aren’t that far from one another. I am currently trying to get on board with losing weight and toning up but every time I think of it I end up eating something naughty. I love music and well my partner and the kids. How long have you been with your partner? The protein bars he made looked lush! and your cakes make me want to raid the cupboards and find more naughty things. Haha x


      2. Arh that’s not too far at all.

        Been with Man for 5 years this month. We’re recently engaged and just had out first daughter in August last year.😊 How about yourself?how many kids do you and yours have?

        It was my brother that made the protein bars, but they were so good. I’m in the same boat though, just want to get back to post preggers body. All hail the healthy living, until 8pm and then the munchies kick in 😂 xx


      3. Hahah. I have two kids. 11 year old daughter and 9nearly 10 next Thursday son. Been with my partner for a year now. She’s going through a rough time at the moment as she’s waiting for a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I’m trying to help support her in losing weight and toning up for holidays in August. Congrats on the birth of your daughter. I’d like to get back to no bloated belly and a bit more of a firmer ass stage haha x how do you find WordPress?

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      4. Aw no way. Sending lots of love and wishes to you both to get through the diagnosis. I can only imagine it’s been a trying time. I don’t know too much about it, but I will do some reading.

        I love WordPress, for a non-techie like me it’s great. I’ve used it for almost 10 years now through various works and had no probs.

        For my attempt at loosing weight, I’m currently following a plan called The Healthy Mummy, and i love it. Works for all kinds of diets, intolerance, life styles and it’s literally just healthy eating and home exercise.
        11 and 9, that’s a good gap between them. Happy birthday to your son for next week… I hope there is cake 😍 xx

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      5. Il look it up. Sounds simple. I’ve dabbled in SlimmingWorld recipes. I can’t see any point in paying for subscription when there is a world of free links out there. Thanks for the birthday wishes goes so quick!! X

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  2. The phrase “Pen Palls” is so important to me as this is how my parents met in the late 50’s.
    My mother died last year and we found all the letters they both wrote in the original letters. So take it from my writing to pen pals and more importantly to isolated or older relatives is an important part of family life and your own social history. Letters are amazing.

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    1. Im sorry to hear about your mother. It must have been a tough time.

      Arh this just gave me shivers, which I bet you got while reading those letters. There is nothing sweeter than looking back on these precious moments captured by ink and cursive. Perfect. Treasure them always.

      Thank you for reading 😊


      1. They have helped us. My daughter turned the letters up to when her grandparents met into a stage production. One of the most captivating yet emotional experiences of my life. I’m so proud of her and my family. So encourage as many people as you can in the art of letter writing.

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