Branching Out

I’m giving myself a task next week. I’m going to make the effort to go to a baby related group every day.

I am, without a doubt an introvert. I am happy in my own little world, but that little world is mighty small sometimes. I never fall out with anyone, I simply loose contact. Although this hasn’t had a major impact on my life, I am worried that I don’t keep friends close enough to lean on if I ever need it. Maybe a selfish outlook, but I see everyone has someone. My closest friends are either miles away or just as good as I am for keeping in contact.

So the plan is to make some mum friends. I managed today perfectly well.

We always spend Tuesday with my mum, and my sweet niece. Today way no different. We walked the 3 and a half mile trip to Brighouse and tried out a little play gym called Rowley Poleys. I’ve been once before with my sister-in-law and the kiddies loved it. Tons of activities for them, different sections with different toys in as well as good facilities and a sweet little cafe. I spoke with two other mums and had no issue. I’m not shy, I’m just in my own little bubble most of the time. The other mums were truly lovely and shared their birth stories with me. I do hope to meet them again some time, they’ve almost restored my faith in other parents. After a strange encounter with a mum, who tried to sell me a pram while I put my daughter in a pram to leave a play group, I was convinced I was better off without mum friends.

Delilah had a blast in the ball pool section. Her big cousin threw raisins at her from a high chair while she sucked the life out if a tomato when they stopped for lunch(still no teeth).

Me and mum were done in by the time we had walked home up that huge hill on the way back from Brighouse. At least we hit the step count for the day. We did however get caught in the rain. Rainhoods up babies!

I know I’m bias, but she is the cutest. My little sunshine.

Xoxo, L

4 thoughts on “Branching Out

  1. She is absolutely precious!! Good for you on going to a Mom group and getting out of your bubble!!

    I’ve always wanted to try one out but everyone I can find is during business hours and focus on stay at home moms. It isn’t a bad thing but it sucks there aren’t any working Mom groups near me.

    Thanks for the awesome post!

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    1. Arh thank you. I’m so bias, but think she’s the bees knees. We are blessed.

      Yeah there isn’t many things that cater for the mum that does it all to be honest here either. I’m lucky enough to still be at home with her while I sort my work situation out, but can imagine it’s a bit daunting. Some people are so judgy too. Groups should be for all mums/dads xx

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      1. I’m so happy for you that you get to be home with her! I’ll never understand why some moms judge other moms. Personally, I think no matter how you parent you’re awesome (as long as the babe is fed, happy, and taken care of obviously lol).

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